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direct deposit

Choose the quantity that suits your need, multiple the units you need by 1.75 and make payment using the below account details, using your username as the depositor's name and also add SD before your username on the bank deposit slip.

After payment send an sms like this, paid for units, amount paid, teller number, bank name, SD depositor's name (username) to 08174832367.

Example:   Paid for 10,000 sms units, amount:₦18,000, teller no: 826130, GTBank, depositor's name: SD tolu02 to 08174832367.

 PS:  Remember that 1 unit is 1.80, therefore multiple the quantity of sms unit you need by 1.80 to get the actual amount to deposit.


 online 300x122

You can also transfer into any of our bank accounts using INTERNET BANKING.

Choose the amount of sms units that you need, multiple it by 1.80 and transfer the amount into our bank accounts below and send your details as follows;

After payment send an sms like this, paid for units, amount paid, bank name,  account number, account name, your username to 08174832367.

Example:   Paid for 10,000 sms units, amount:18,000 0, GTBank, a/c no: 0109262092, a/c name: Akinbo Tolu, toluo2 to 08174832367 .



ATM Transfer 273x159

Go here to learn how to do the transfer >>  ATM MONEY TRANSFER

You can also transfer money into any of our bank account from the ATM machine nationwide if you know how transfer fund from one account to another. 

After payment send an sms like this, ATM CASH TRANSFER to bank name, paid for units, amount paid, the location you made the transfer, Nwugwa Victor account username to 08174832367.

Example:   ATM CASH TRANSFER to First Bank,  Paid for 10,000 sms units, amount:18,000, Apapa Road, Lagos ,tolu02 to 08174832367.




Mobile-money 168x169

We also accept mobile money transfer into any of our bank account. You can also buy SMS credits from your mobile phone and have your account credited within a short period of time. After transfering to any of our banks account, send a text message containing the bank you send the money, the number on the mobile money and the amount you paid and your account username to 08174832367.


Example:   MOBILE MONEY TRANSFER to GTBank, 08174832367,  amount:18,000, username: tolu to 08174832367 .



Our Bank Accounts Details:

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

GTBank logo

Acount Name:

Nwugwa Victor

Account Number



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We accept only complete phone number format or in International format for Nigerian numbers.

Example: 2348174832367.


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